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Great Valley Community Organization

Why Sponsor?

GVCO seeks to partner with the local business community in programs that not only benefit our GVCO organization, but also give something back to the local business owner.

GVCO is interested in starting a business relationship or "partnership" in hopes that it creates greater awareness for the local business. These will hopefully provide additional clientele; greater awareness of GVCO's initiative to help connect our organization with the local business community, and the financial benefits that the specific initiative may provide GVCO.

Why is a local corporate/business sponsorship partnership with GVCO mutually beneficial?

Benefits to local business or corporation:

  • Better recognition and awareness in the community
  • Solicitation directly to the local community
  • Opportunity to further market and cross-market events, sales, occurrences, etc. to local marketplace
  • Community understands that your business is financially supporting the local community organization, creating a greater partnership, and brand allegiance with those in the community.
  • Drive market share towards your business rather than a competitor


Benefits to the Great Valley Community Organization

  • Increased financial sustainability
  • Ability to create awareness through marketing and cross-marketing partnership
  • Creation of event opportunities
  • Community understands who GVCO feels is a worthy partner within the community


There are many sponsorships opportunities available that will help to promote your business or corporate sponsor name while creating and maintaining a strong relationship with the Great Valley Community and GVCO. Sponsorship is a great way to help provide much-needed support for our programming while promoting your business to the local Great Valley Community.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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