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The Barrow Family

Greg & Sandi both grew up in the area. Sandi is a proud GV alum. Greg owns an insurance agency, and Sandi is most proud of being a mom.

They first heard of GVCO when a little girl came to Jack’s preschool class with her Junior Hoopsters trophy. They knew immediately they had to get the boys involved, and it was love at first sight. The GVBL program was amazing & still is impressive today. Both boys played through high school. Ryan is still playing in the High School division.

In 2010 when GVCO started a youth football program with the Junior Patriots, Sandi & Greg knew their boys, 5 & 7 at the time, would be thrilled to jump on board. It was the best seven seasons ever with GVFL. Greg coached, and Sandi was a GVFL Board Member and League Representative for four seasons.

Not only playing the games & having fun over the years, but it is the life-long friends we have all made that are truly the magic of GVCO. It was essential to pass this spirit on to younger families by supporting GVCO and the new center.

We cannot wait to see all of the happy faces, young and old, at the new GVCO center.

Vince and Debbie McAneney

Volunteers are the cornerstone of the Great Valley Community Organization and Vince McAneney is no exception. Vince and his wife, Debbie first got involved when their children participated in GVBL and the Challenger Gym Program. Scott continued to play GVBL straight through to the High School League, Erica & Shannon volunteered to become Buddies for the Challenger Gym Program and Ryan donated his shredding services at R-Mobile Shredding to numerous GVCO fundraisers.

When GVCO started GVFL, Vince jumped right in to coach his son Scott and his buddies. A year later he became President of the league and held that position for 7+ years, stepping down at the end of the 2018 season. His fondest memory was when he coached with his son Scott – such a great experience for father and son. Vince hopes that others in the community would take advantage of all the great things GVCO is doing and use those opportunities as a way to further connect with their own kids and the entire Great Valley Community. Vince believes that time invested in our youth is never wasted and encourages anyone thinking of making a bigger commitment to GVCO, whether through volunteering or donating, to “Just Do It”.

Tom Farrelly

Tom Farrelly

Daughter:`Hey Dad", Me, "Greatest thing I'll ever be"

What GVCO provided for me and the girls CAN NOT be overstated. Picking them up after school, getting to practice/games, out to eat, hanging with other parents, etc. We got to interact/experience a bit of actual day/day life on life's terms. Nothing takes the place of being there and for sure some things would have been different. So many experiences, "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want". I got to play Dad and coach...and the girls had a role model.

Know that GVCO has made a difference in the lives of my daughters and myself. That is very noble.

-Tom Farrelly, GVBL Ref & GV Dad whose daughters are GVSD graduates and GVBL participants.

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Jody Powers

Jody & George Powers

How lucky are we to have a new community center in our area?! GVCO has been a part of our lives since our children used to play hoops at GVBL over 15 years ago. The camaraderie and good spirits in that gym were refreshing and seeing the kids grow into a sport they liked made it so enjoyable.

In 2019, we were able to participate in and volunteer our time when GVCO introduced Pickleball. Over 200 players got involved and had a blast learning and playing the game and participating in other GVCO programming as well like the Caring Hands Foundation.

We cannot wait for the new center and the new pickleball courts! We are thrilled that the building will house many sports, programs, and activities that benefit the community. The new center is a true labor of love for the many parents and volunteers who have given so much of their time and effort to the project.

If you have not already done so, please help the cause and donate today so we can all benefit from all that GVCO has available. Let's make GVCO the place to go!

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Muck Family

The Muck Family

“Yes, count us all in!”

During the Muck family vacation, one of the kids had the wild idea of hiking Mt. Marcy, the tallest mountain in NY. The hike is 15 miles, 7.5 hours, and 3,574 feet in elevation. What? This is certainly a wild idea! “Yes, count us all in!” During the climb, we passed many other hikers, who offered bits of what to expect ahead and words of encouragement. This picture is at the end of the day, dirty and tired, but the smiles show we were so glad we did it!

The folks at GVCO are embarking on another wild idea with building the community center. It has taken and will continue to require a lot of hard work and determination, and help from others along the way is essential. When GVCO asked us to help with the Capital Campaign, of course, we said “Yes, count us all in!” All six of us have graduated from GVHS and we love Malvern. We see the GVCO Community Center as being a pinnacle in the lives of those of us lucky enough to call Great Valley home and we are sure it will bring smiles to all the faces from young to old in the community at the end of the day.

Keep climbing GVCO!
Wiley, Brian, Jill, Ellie, AJ, and Danny Muck

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Chiccino Family

Molly & Chuck Chiccino

Having grown up in Malvern, graduated from Great Valley High School, and still East Whiteland residents, Chuck and Molly Chiccino have a huge interest in this community. "This area has expanded vastly over the past decade, and a sense of community is needed more than ever." The Great Valley area can only improve by having a place to gather and grow together, which the new center will provide. The possibilities are endless, and the Chiccinos can't wait to see it all unfold.

Chuck first got involved in GVCO by coaching his nephews, Jack and Ryan Barrow, in the GVFL program. He is now a football coach at Great Valley High School but has stayed involved in GVFL when possible. He currently serves on the GVFL Advisory Board. Molly works on Bacton Hill Rd and will have the opportunity to see the center's progress in real-time.

Donating to the Capitol Campaign feels like an investment in the heart and soul of Great Valley. "We all need a safe, central location where everyone is welcome and has every opportunity to get involved and engaged." The Chiccinos can't wait to see it and look forward to helping any way they can.

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Banavitch Family

The Banavitch Family

The Great Valley Community Organization has been a part of Kathy & Mark’s life for the last 17 years. All 3 of their children, Allison, Owen & Ryan, participated in GVBL. Allison’s first job was at the snack shack, and the boys played GVFL as well. GVCO is where the whole family developed and fostered friendships that they know will last a lifetime. The organization has provided such a positive and safe outlet for their children that they knew they needed to Pay It Forward. Kathy & Mark Banavitch know of the positive impact GVCO had on their family, and they want future families to experience the same that is why it was so important for them to donate to the Capital Campaign. The possibilities are endless with the building of the new center, and both young and old will benefit, which will foster an even stronger sense of community.

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Bacon Family

KC & Josh Bacon

"I consider myself very lucky to have grown up with a program like GVBL & a place like GVCO ("the center.") I went from playing to reffing, to camp counselor, to "running" the summer league. I did not fully appreciate it all at the time, but I see now how much I got out of it - girls I am still friends with to this day, summer jobs, mentors, coaching experience, etc.

KC is one of the original girls that began playing in what has become GVBL & GVCO. KC has a very unique connection to GVCO because of her childhood & her appreciation & support of the organization that has grown over time. KC & her husband Josh are very excited about the variety of activities that will be available in the new community center. "There will be something for everyone there which is what a true "community" center should be."

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Richard Schoeninger

Richard E. Schoeninger

Richard E. Schoeninger, a lifelong resident of Chester County who "would not live anywhere else," raised two children in the Great Valley School District along with his wife, Danielle. Richard's son, Drew, played in GVBL, which was a great experience for father and son. In the past few years, Richard became involved with GVCO again by becoming engaged in the GV Pickleball program. He enjoys helping the new players learn how to play the game and watching them become avid participants. There were approximately 25 players at the onset, and right before the pandemic struck, at least 200 players were participating. "It was great to see the success of a new program and to join a group of people who managed the growth and administration of the sport at the facility."

Richard decided to donate to the Capital Campaign not just because of Pickleball but for all the activities that GVCO offers. "The community desperately needs this organization to help our community."