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Tournament Team Program

GVBL Tournament Team Program

Please Note:
Only current GVBL players who live within GVSD are eligible for the GVBL Tournament Team program.

Tournament Teams Overview

The mission of the Great Valley Basketball League (“GVBL”) Tournament Team Program is to provide participants the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of basketball at a highly competitive level. The GVBL Tournament Team Program will develop and improve individual as well as team skills, promote good sportsmanship, and team spirit. The team demands a high degree of ethical conduct by all of its coaches, players, volunteers, and parents so that it provides a good example for the community, opponents, and its participants, thus helping players grow. By accomplishing these goals, the GVBL Tournament Team Program will provide players with additional exposure to the game of basketball thereby enhancing their opportunity to play at the junior high and high school level. GVBL operates Tournament Team Programs for boys and girls in grades 4 - 8.

Tournament team seasons generally begin at the end of October. The tournament team season runs for the ensuing 12 months, culminating on the following September 30th. The tournament team season will vary depending on player and coaching interest and commitment.

Tournament Team Committee:

The tournament team program is administered by a 6 person board who oversees the rules, goals and philosophies of the program and each team. The current members of the Tournament Team Committee are:

·      Todd Fredrick

·      Gary Taiariol – GVBL President, GVCO Treasurer

·      Matt McDaniel

       Mike Woodard

       Len Matty

       Mike Chain

       Keith Walsh – GVCO Executive Director


Only players registered and participating in the current GVBL Recreational League are eligible to participate in the GVBL Tournament Team Program. Players must live within or attend the Great Valley School District and will not be permitted to 'play up' a grade level. No exceptions to these rules will be allowed.

While all players meeting the above criteria are eligible to try out for the tournament teams, it is important to understand that tournament basketball requires a significantly higher level of effort, attention, cooperation, and ability than the GVBL recreational league. Tournament teams are populated by highly motivated players and coached in a stronger fashion than in the recreational league. Before registering to try out for a tournament team, it is recommended that parents have a conversation with their child about the required commitment level in terms of effort, ability, and a desire to follow directions.


All tournament team programs are required to conduct at least one tryout session on a yearly basis. Generally these sessions are held in the fall. All players are required to participate in the sessions. No team will be “pre-selected” prior to this point and all individuals who participate in the try-out session will have an opportunity to make the Tournament Team Program.


Every player should show up early for practice to get ready to play. Negative or disruptive behavior that impacts the flow of practice and wastes the time of the coaching staff and other players will not be tolerated and may invoke dismissal from practice, reduced playing time, or suspension from the team.

Playing Expectations:

Playing time provided during games is at the discretion of the coaches and as such equal playing time should not be expected. There may be occasions where players may not be invited to certain tournaments due to player availability and/or tournament format.

Playing time for all levels will be apportioned based upon a number of criteria including the following:

· Attendance, participation and effort in practice

· Willingness to improve their basketball acumen

· Skill level

· Sportsmanship.


All teams will manage their own finances and hold their own bank account. Costs should be a combination of “a la carte” and equally splitting. Costs will be split equally for practice time, but will be “a la carte” for things such as tournament participation, uniforms, etc.

Tournament Participation:

It will be each team’s responsibility to identify, register and pay for the tournaments they wish to participate in. The Tournament Team Committee will be available to make recommendations. The number of players participating in a tournament is left to the discretion of the coach. Please note that for any tournament we host once payment is received we cannot provide a refund; this will be in effect for all teams (Including those outside of our own Great Valley teams).


GVBL Tournament Team Programs agree to uniform design, colors, etc. as determined by the Tournament Team Committee. The committee will be responsible for identifying the uniform and uniform supplier.


Please refer any questions to Tournament Team Program Coordinators:

Todd Fredrick [email protected]

Gary Taiariol [email protected] 

Keith Walsh [email protected]

Mike Woodard [email protected]

Matt McDaniel [email protected]

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