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Great Valley Community Organization

Our Facility

The new Great Valley Community Organization’s Community Center is a versatile, modern facility designed to cater to a variety of needs, making it an ideal venue for potential renters. Key features of the center include:

Two Full Sized Basketball Courts

Our 16,00 square foot facilty has 2 full sized courts. Courts are equipped with a remote controlled scoreboard and 2 height-adjustable backboards. The courts can be separated by a heavy curtain so play is not disrupted. The space can accommodate 4 regulation lined pickleball courts or 4 regulation lined badminton courts.

Each court is lined with bleachers for spectators and team benches for players. Approximately 100-110 adults can sit on the bleachers.

Outdoor Field Space

The GVCO outdoor field is lined out as 70 yards by 35 yards. While it is generally used for flag football, the space is suitable for practices and conditioning. Spectators can use the bleachers and picnic tables along the sidelines to watch the games, picnic or hang out.

Meeting Space

The Community Center has open meeting space available for casual gatherings and meetings. Perfect for informal gatherings, coffee mornings and community group meetings in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Equipped with tables and chairs that can be easily rearranged, the space is versatile and can be customized for different group sizes and activities. This open meeting space creates a hub for social interaction and engagement in the facility.

WiFi Accessibility

The facility is equipped with high-speed WiFi which ensures that all visitors can stay connected.

Reception Desk (area)

In addition to its existing features, the Community Center includes a well-staffed and equipped reception desk. This desk serves as a central point for secure check-in and check-out. It serves as an information hub for visitors, providing details about the facility’s amenities, event schedules and general inquiries.

Large Access Door

One of the unique features of the facility is a large, garage style door that can be raised to allow easy access for large items. This door is particularly useful for events or activities requiring bulky equipment, such as sports tournaments, trade shows or large-scale community events.