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GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Jun 8 2020

Jun 8 2020: 
Out With The Old...
In mid May GVCO began the demolition of the GVBL Center, a space we have leased and created many great memories since 2005. Unfortunately with the pandemic and the evolving rules and guidelines, the GVBL Center is no longer a healthy and safe viable option for our programming (see recent Restore Chester County guidelines as we move forward towards the "Green Phase").

Fortunately we have made tremendous progress towards our goal of providing a new GVCO Community Center as preliminary site work has begun at the Bacton Hill site. Additional funding is still necessary to secure the final bank financing to raise the building and open the doors.

GVCO will be renewing our efforts with our capital campaign following the hiatus due to pandemic. A final push towards our goal will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months. The hope is to get a much greater degree of participation from the entire community (see current donor list).

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Apr 24 2020

Apr 24 2020:   Governor Wolf's state-wide shut down has temporarily stopped our progress on the site work at the new GVCO Community Center.

Just before the mandatory closing, a 300 ft silt fence was installed towards the back side of the site.
Hoping to resume when it is safe and the governor begins to reduce the restrictions.

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Mar 24 2020

Mar 24 2020:   Below is part of what I wrote in our most recent GVCO Newsletter…and it continues to be our focus. Until something is taken away from us it’s often hard to realize how important it is in your life. Essentially having those everyday things taken away from our kids, parents, friends and neighbors, is very difficult.

GVCO will continue to be committed to bringing a state of the art Community Center to Great Valley.
With what is currently occurring, it is now more apparent than ever before: the region needs a place where the community can be a community.

Given the gravity of the COVID-19 coronavirus situation in Pennsylvania, across the U.S. and globally, GVCO recognizes the impact this has on the friends, neighbors and families here in the Great Valley community and surrounding region. Being “a community” and caring about one another at this point of uneasiness and concern becomes that much more critical.
Moving forward into the spring and beyond, know that GVCO will make sound and thoughtful decisions for all those involved in our programming. The safety and well-being of the families in our community is on the forefront of our minds. Our mission remains steadfast …”to help build a strong, vibrant and connected community by providing facilities, activities and programs enriching the lives of all local residents. ”

Please take care of yourselves.

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Feb 24 2020

Feb 24 2020: Site work continues over at the Bacton Hill Rd site. GVCO continues to reach out to the community for help with the project. Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather Sunday, Dan Aquilante of DC Aquilante, Inc and Charlestown Paving were back out there again!


GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Feb 11 2020

Feb 11 2020: The entrance to the future GVCO Community Center has been paved, providing access to the site from Bacton Hill Rd.

Thanks to a generous donation of time and resources from Drew Alleva and Jon Bureski of Charlestown Paving, they were able to finish up before all of the rain.

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Feb 4 2020

Feb 4 2020: Entrance for the new GVCO Community Center is taking shape. Crew starts initial "cut in" for the driveway.

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Jan 31 2020

Jan 31 2020: A silt sock, an erosion control measure, was installed earlier this week in preparation for work on the new GVCO Community Center entrance.

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Jan 22 2020

"It takes a village" - Part ll" 

Jan 23 2020:
   Another long time GV resident and local business owner, Doug Buettner, is pictured in his "Brush hog". He and his company, Malvern Courts LP, donated a days worth of time clearing the site of all brush and tree limbs.

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Jan 17 2020

Jan 17 2020: Driveway entrance for the new GVCO Community Center has been "laid out" and is ready to be "cut in". Keep an eye out for the work crews!

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Jan 15 2020

Jan 15 2020: As we prepare to start the 1st phase of the site work for the new GVCO Community Center, equipment from our general contractor begins to move in at 51 N. Bacton Hill.

IMC Construction trailer

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Jan 10 2020

Jan 10 2020: Take a ride down Bacton Hill Rd so you can see the stakes showing the location for the driveway entrance to the new GVCO Community Center!

JMR Engineering Survey Crew is pictured

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Jan 7 2020

"It takes a village..."

Jan 7 2020: 
Before and after...trees come down at the future site of the new GVCO Community Center.  
Long time GV resident and business owner, Dave Magee and Edens Tree Service, donated their time for a day and took down 20 large trees on the site.

The arduous approval and regulatory processes have finally been completed. 2020 is shaping up to be a historic year for the community! 

This will be the 1st of many regular "GVCO Project Updates" that we will provide for our donors who have generously contributed to our GVBC capital campaign.

We are still several hundred thousand dollars from our campaign goal (see "real time" thermometer on the GVCO website homepage); but thanks to all of you, we will begin to make the new GVCO Community Center a reality!

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates

After a VERY long awaited regulatory approval process, we have finally reached a point where we can start moving forward with the project! Follow our progress in our Project Updates.

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Nov 15 2019

Nov 15 2019: Pre-construction meeting to review initial scope and phases within the project. Meeting included the Chester County Conservation District; EW Township; JMR Engineering; Site Developer; IMC;GVCO.

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Oct  30 2019

Oct 30 2019: Erosion & Settlement (“Grading”) permit submitted to the EW Township.

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Oct 10 2019

Oct 10 2019: A project meeting was held to align the engineering contractors so the project timeline could be managed effectively and timely as we begin to move the project forward.  Attendees:  JMR Engineering (civil); Earth Engineering (geotechnical); MacIntosh Engineering (structural); Arcus Design (architect); a site developer; IMC; GVCO.

GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Sep 27 2019

Sep 27 2019:  GVCO receives NPDES approval letter for “Individual NPDES Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities”. NPDES is the governing body that mandates compliance and gives final approval to move forward with a project such as the community center.


GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Feb 21 2019

Feb 21 2019: GVCO, represented by MacElree Harvey, Ltd., has purchased 7 acres of ground at 51 North Bacton Hill Rd., Malvern from the Great Valley School District for $959,000.00. Following subdivision approval from the East Whiteland Township, GVCO has recorded the deed and taken ownership of the property.


GVCO Community Center - Project Updates - Jan 31 2019

Jan 30 2019: Final approved subdivision plans for the Bacton Hill property were submitted for execution by the East Whiteland Township Board of Supervisors in order for recordation of the deed.

Project Updates

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