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Flag Football News and Updates

Our 2024 Flag Football program is open to all Great Valley residents in grades K-3 for the Fall.

The Flag Football program is designed to introduce younger children to the sport, teach very basic fundamentals and most of all to have fun playing football. Teams will be rostered by GVSD elementary school and grade so kids can play with their classmates.

Coaches and Flag Football Parent Reps

We will need volunteer coaches; please consider donating your time. At this age level, a general understanding of football along with the desire to have fun with the kids are all that is needed to coach.

The Elementary School GVFL Flag Football Representative has volunteered to work with their individual schools parents, PTO's, and administrators to answer questions and help promote the program. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions you may have about our GVFL Flag Football program. You may also reach out to GVFL Flag Football at [email protected].

Charlestown Elementary School Brian Foster [email protected]

General Wayne Elementary School Volunteer Needed

KD Markley Elementary School Ryan Dougherty [email protected]

Sugartown Elementary School Steve Arena [email protected]

Sugartown Elementary School Steve Shortt [email protected]

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