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Great Valley Community Organization

Rower, Coach and Parent Code of Conduct

Great Valley Crew wants and expects to foster a team culture of respect, tolerance, acceptance and fun.

Every rower shall

  • Attend the swim test, practices and regattas punctually and regularly
  • Conform to the regulations of the team
  • Obey promptly all the directions of his/her coaches and others in authority
  • Observe good order and propriety of equipment
  • Be diligent at practices both on the water and on land
  • Be respectful to his/her coach and others in authority
  • Be kind, tolerant and respectful to teammates
  • Refrain from the use of profane and vulgar language
  • Comply with all safety rules and regulations

The Coach shall

  • Conduct a well-planned and effective program with attention to safety
  • Initiate and enforce a set of team rules to facilitate effective learning and promote attitudes and habits of good citizenship
  • Initiate and enforce a set of regulations that facilitates a positive team culture and appropriate behavior
  • Communicate, encourage and enforce the rules for rower discipline
  • By telephone, letter or personnel conference, notify parents/guardians of rower offenses considered serious
  • Involve parents, GV Crew Board and GVCO and other agencies in obtaining the best behavioral performances possible by athletes
  • Maintain documented records of deviant behavior as a means of helping in the guidance of the students, as a record for parents, as reference for GV Crew and GVCO
  • Make prompt referrals when a student’s conduct and record indicate that more than routine controls are needed
  • Remove any student whose behavior seriously disrupts the positive team atmosphere, and notify parents and GV Crew Board when and if the child can return and what needs to be corrected for improved and acceptable behavior of students

The Parents shall

  • Remember that the coaches have full responsibility authority to conduct practice.
  • Parents may not interfere with any coach’s practice at any time on or off the water
  • If you feel something should be handled differently, please speak with a coach privately after practice
  • Respect the coaches as the final authority in rowing matters
  • Display positive attitudes and a willingness to work with and encourage others at all times
  • Remember that coaches seek only to create the fastest lineups possible. While decisions can at times be somewhat subjective, they are not personal