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Summer League

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Summer League

Great Valley Basketball League (GVBL) strives to create a fun experience for the kids, playing and learning the game of basketball. Players of all abilities are welcome. The goal is to teach all of the players the rules of the game and proper way to play basketball. Each division focuses on appropriate age level skills to help the athletes improve while showing good sportsmanship.

General Season Information

  • The summer league generally runs from mid-June through the first week of August.
  • Divisions are single-sex and based on the player's grade for the Fall school year: Grades 1st and 2nd; Grades 3rd and 4th; Grades 5th and 6th; Grades 7th and 8th
  • The high school division is only open to boys residing in the Great Valley School District.
  • All players receive a team jersey.

General Games Information

  • There will be no practices.
  • Each team will play 1-2 games per week during the 10 week season.
  • All games are held Monday-Thursday evenings.
  • Games last one hour and typically start between 5PM-8PM
  • If possible, we try to avoid scheduling our youngest players later in the evening.
  • Grades 3 and above will participate in a single elimination playoff at the end of the season.
  • Games will be refereed by current and former Great Valley High School players.

Playing Time

Equal playing time for all athletes is strictly enforced during the season and the playoffs. All players will be a part of the game and get a chance to touch the ball as much as possible.

Parents/Volunteer Expectations

GVBL is a 100% volunteer run organization. Parent volunteers will be asked to coach teams, help keep score and keep track of fouls. We also need division coordinators who ensure that the league is run smoothly and teams are divided evenly.

We expect parents to lead by example in terms of behavior during games. Understand that our referees are young alumni of our program who are learning how to referee games– mistakes will be made!

We ask that parents not come onto the court or bench area during the game to speak to your child, the coaches, or the referees. Please be respectful of your surroundings, pick up your own trash, and no foul language.

Division Philosophies

Grades 1-4:
  • The main goal of this division is to see kids improve and show good sportsmanship. This division is 100% about skill development.
  • Strict man to man defense is played (no zones).
  • For Boys & Girls 3-4, screens are allowed, however when screens are set, it is “free game” for the defense and a switch on defense may occur or a double team might unintentionally be created.
  • No screening in 1st and 2nd grade
  • Substitutions are made every five minutes.
  • Ball size is 28.5 inches and games are played on 8.5 foot baskets.

Grades 5-6:
  • The main goal of this division continues to be skill development. In addition, more advanced concepts are introduced.
  • Man to man defense is allowed; zone is not.
  • Ball size is 28.5 inches and games are played on 10 foot baskets.

Grades 7-8:
  • This division is focused more on the competitive side but also places a high priority on skill development.
  • Both man to man and zone defenses are allowed.
  • Games are played on 10 foot baskets
  • Boys Division uses a 29.5" ball and the Girls Division uses 28.5" ball
For questions, please contact [email protected]